Commerce Department To Develop New Estimate Of The Size Of The Space Economy

Of course there are companies focused on national security opportunities in space, like Boeing and Honeywell, and human spaceflight – like SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. But mineral mining is where O’Sullivan sees the big читай на сайті opportunity to send the space economy over the trillion-dollar threshold – mining and bringing back materials that have value on Earth from asteroids or other planets. The chamber said the space economy is expected to turn into a trillion-dollar industry over the coming years. We aim to create an ecosystem in which commercial projects and services can strive.

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  • Mainstream economists generally do not support Austrian school explanations for business cycles, on both theoretical as well as real-world empirical grounds.
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  • The sector now employs 42,000 people and generates an income of £14.8bn each year.
  • Interplanetary Initiative is partially supported by Arizona’s Technology and Research Initiative Fund.
  • There could be untold treasures just waiting beyond our solar system to discover.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is even more bullish, last fallprojectingwhat it calls the “space economy” to reach $1.5 trillion within the next two decades. Commercial space investment is up 79% since 2009, when Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched its first commercial payload. The launch was an event that “changed everything,” according to areportfrom private investment firm Space Angels produced for NASA’s small business and technology program. SpaceX is one of the most notable companies currently working on satellite internet. The company is currently testing satellite internet technology, but hopes to launch its first satellite access in 2019 and its internet service in 2022. Because of its plan, Jonas placed an estimated value of $46 billion on SpaceX.

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In the first phase, space activities were government driven and based upon national prestige, and were financed with public money. In a second phase, large space companies, as a reaction against reduced government space funding, responded to a market demand and used their own funds or debt financing to perform commercial space business. Since approximately the year 2000, we note a third phase, whereby entrepreneurs acquire equity funding to develop independently space application projects.

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While McClain’s situation will undoubtedly fall under U.S. law, similar space law cases in the future may not be as clear. And this time is when space lawyers will be increasingly needed to help identify issues and the need for legal structures. Florida has been working to bring manufacturing companies that make the things that get launched into space. GEO still underpins the industry, but telecoms also want to provide differentiated broadband services with integrated, seamless offerings for consumer, business and government customers.

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“It is the first private industry customer declaring an interest in purchasing space-derived materials for commercial use,” Boucher told “They have provided quantities and price points. They are prepared to set quality metrics. This opens the door to negotiations for ‘futures’ types of speculative contracts for purchase of commodities, much like new gold mines do, or oil and gas.” Blockchain, with its shared, replicated, decentralized ledger system, also has an expanded role in space exploration optimization. Digital twins are a key tool used in the servicing, assembly and manufacturing of both satellites and spacecraft. They improve the entire processes; digital twins can take data from IoT-embedded in-flight assets and then map that to new models and simulations, with AI helping analyze and iterate throughout the process. Autry, though, cautioned not to be too specific about what markets might emerge to drive the growth of the overall space economy, recounting his experience in the early computer industry, where games played a much larger role than many initially expected.

The national registration mechanism for space objects has been implemented, with five satellites registered. The number of new startups in the space sector more than doubled in 2021 to 47 as compared to the previous year numbers, said India’s Economic Survey that was released on Monday. At present, India accounts for only about two per cent of the space economy, much behind the major players – USA and China, the Survey said. Among the findings of a related study conducted by PricewaterhouseCooper in 2016, the economic model revealed that the combined effects of space weather events in one year could cost up to 15 billion euros to European economies. The total benefits are estimated to reach 3.1 billion euros, distributed through different industrial domains, both space (e.g. satellite operators, launch operators) and non-space (e.g. electrical power distribution, aviation, natural resource exploitation).